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Madeline Norton is an abstract artist based in Boulder, CO. Creating to music such as Bob Dylan, Gregory Alan Isakov and Neil Young, she steps into her creative stream and paints using her inner child as her guide.

Mainly using acrylic paint, with watercolor appearances, she draws upon both the present moment and nostalgia... and without a plan, she lets the music take over and creates on a blank canvas.


Madeline takes in music and translates it to color on canvas. Without a plan, she turns on an album, selects a color, dips her paintbrush in, and lets the music takeover. Depending on the type of music, her brushstrokes can vary; from Eric Clapton Stormy Monday blues, the strokes can be long and drawn out making colors pop with brightness, where a quick bluegrass tempo can inspire rapids strokes with mixed tones, and classical music breeds strokes that start to bend and take on more intricate shapes. From Paul Simon to The Lumineers, Madeline paints to an array of genres creating a catalogue of pieces that will interest any music lover. Using colors and movement to paint what she hears produces an intricate storyline that will interest any art lover. Check out her gallery to see if you can hear the music.

Inner Child

Who is your inner child? The older I got the more I would ask myself this. Life was moving so fast and transformed itself into one balled up memory and I found it harder to slow down and to interact with each moment. How could I take each moment in? I mean really take it in? Each moment would produce a feeling that sometimes only lingered for a second. How can I keep them? How can I recreate them? Through the frustration of trying to figure this out, something was going on behind the scenes. My subconscious would scrape off a piece of each of these moments and it would pour it into a stream. Throughout my whole life, during all of these moments, my creative subconscious stream was filling up. Through painting I was able to adventure out to find this stream. This is where I met my inner child. 


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