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Madeline's painting process stems from music, movement and energy. She spends time exploring the world filling up her creative stream from her experiences, and when it gets filled, she connects with her inner child and she pours it out onto canvas. This is what you will see in Madeline Norton's gallery. With a commissioned piece, she will meet with you, hear your story, take in your energy, fill her stream with our experience, and that will be what comes out on your piece.

The Process

To get started, I will send you a commission questionnaire to get some ideas flowing. This will enable us to hone in a little more on what you are looking for. You can answer as little or as much as you would like. The more you answer, the more specific your piece will be, the less you answer, the more of an open surprise it will be!


Once you've had time to answer these questions, I will meet with you in person (or on video) to review. At this point, I will talk with you about your story, and will capture your energy and the essence of your painting. From there I will spend time taking notes, filling up my creative stream and creating a storyline to your piece. Then, when the timing is right, I will pour all of that onto canvas. 

order-custom-painting-by madeline-norton.jpg

The Painting

You will receive an original, one of a kind, abstract commissioned painting catered towards you! The painting will be made up of high quality and pigment rich acrylic paint on a solid natural wood, back stapled, cotton canvas. The painting will come with a varnish over the completed piece of work which will protect the painted surface from the environment and ultraviolet light. The back of the painting will be stamped with rich thick archival ink that is fade resistant and will include: the title, artist name and the music it is painted to. The painting will include hanging hardware on the back of the canvas, and will be ready and excited to go up on the wall, right when you receive it!

The Reveal

Once the painting is complete, I will contact you to set up a reveal date and I will deliver the piece to your home. At this time, I will unveil the piece, review the process, go over the storyline and show you process videos and pictures. You will then be given a zip drive that will give you access to all of those materials. If you are outside of the delivery range, I will arrange shipping and a video call. Please note, shipping is not included in pricing.

The Pricing/Payment

Base Prices


24"x36” ~$1,200.00

40"x30” ~$1,400.00

48"x36” ~$1,800.00


*Larger and Smaller sizes available

*Diptych pricing available


The full cost of the commission will be broken out into (2) payments. The first payment will be due within (3) business days of signing the commission questionnaire, and before any work has been done. The second payment will be due the day of the commission reveal. 

Fill out the form and get started on your commissioned Madeline Norton piece today

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