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All you need is love! Add pops of color to accentuate your wedding palette and encapsulate yourself in a dream world on your big day. See what colors and movement emanate from your love, and bring it home with you so you can relive that energy for a lifetime.

The Fine Art of Getting Married


Have you thought about fine art at your wedding?

Abstract art as a backdrop for your wedding puts you straight into a dream world. The colors envelop the space around you and outline even the whitest of wedding dresses.


Curious what your love looks like on canvas?

Place a piece of art at your ceremony, use it as a backdrop for photos, put it behind your sweetheart table, and then best of all, take it home with you. Commemorate your wedding with a painting that tells your love story for a lifetime.

Heres how...

Work with abstract artist, Madeline, to make your wedding stand out above the rest in a unique and colorful way!

Megan & Joe Wedding - Meraki - 326.jpg
Nick&Madison (582 of 1018).jpg


You can rent art for your event. Madeline will drop off, install, and pickup the pieces you choose for your big day!

Starting at $300 per piece per day


You can take it a step further and own a piece that you can enjoy for the day and love for a lifetime. Madeline will drop off and install the piece you choose for your big day, but it comes home with you!

Starting at $1,200


Or you can meet with Madeline, tell her your story, give her your color palette, share the music you fell in love to, have her pour that energy onto canvas, and create an abstract representation of your love - specifically curated for you!

Starting at $1,400

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